The Wounded Warriors

The Golden State Warriors are in a bind. The powerhouses of the Western conference have set a super strong presence. With no signs of slowing down, they have to wonder how they can get Stephen Curry and Co. back to dominance. He is the beating heart of this offense, clearly. With averages of 30 points, almost 7 assists and 6.6 rebounds, he is one of the lone, if not only bright spots on a cellar-dweller Bay Area squad. Honestly, these Warriors look nothing less than a far cry from their halcyon days.

Outside of Steph and Klay, the Warriors are either young and inexperienced, or not yet ready to blossom into full on roles. Jordan Poole has been the exception, blossoming into a competent 3rd option. With Curry sidelined, hampered by a shoulder injury, who will the Bay Area look to? James Wiseman hasn’t yet arrived at the potential of the “Big Man” presence they wanted down under. And there isn’t any true dog out of the remaining core of Curry, Klay, Poole & Draymond. The old guard isn’t getting any younger, and they can rally around Steph to get a glimmer of that old hope back, presuming he comes back 100%.

But if not, perhaps it’s time to make some calls. They haven’t had a real presence since the days of Andrew Bogut, or even more recently, Zaza Pachulia. At least the latter of the two provided some sort of rim protection, and some beef in the middle. In my humble opinion, the Warriors need a top end role player that can operate the offense and make it hum, and a real grinder down low in the post. We’ll see how this season shakes out, otherwise.

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