Chris Paul Future With Phoenix 

For the first time in his hall of fame sixteen year career Chris Paul had finally reached the NBA Playoffs and the first two games it seemed as if he could do no wrong, but from game two and on the superstar Chris Paul were used to seeing just didn’t have it anymore what do I mean by this. Game one Chris Paul came out strong scoring thirty-two points and dishing out nine assists, when I watched this game it was glaring to see that Chris Paul could do no wrong, after this great performance many basketball fans myself included had a thought process as if Chris Paul had made a conscious effort to capture his very first championship.

That wouldn’t be the case as after game one Chris Paul’s floor general ability along with his high basketball IQ wasn’t displayed as during games two through five of the NBA finals Chris Paul had fifteen turnovers over a three game stretch. Now Let’s take that into consideration. Yes, Chris Paul was guarded by a very physical presence in Jrue Holiday who stands six feet four inches and is exceptionally strong and well put together, but when has Chris Paul ever been a turnover machine?

The Games that will always register in the back of Chris Paul’s mind are games four and five. Here’s why Phoenix Suns emerging young stud Devin Booker had come ready to play in both these games scoring over fourty points during these two exhibitions if the Phoenix Suns get just a bigger contribution from Chris Paul they win those games going away. Another reason why these games stick with Chris Paul a little longer is because the bone head play Chris Paul made at the end of game five when finals mvp Giannis Antetokounmpo was in the air Chris Paul decided to foul Giannis Antetokoumpo out of straight frustration if you ask me.

Chris Paul stat lines for the NBA finals are as listed twenty-two points per game, eight assists per game and about three rebounds per game, not bad at all but the thing that most of us are disappointed at is the fact that the Phoenix Suns lost four straight games after taking a 2-0 lead. Monty Williams also deserves a share of the blame as well why didn’t Monty Williams build a wall against Giannis Anteokounmpo has Monty Willams not seen the scouting report on Giannis you can’t let Giannis get a head of steam or let Giannis go baseline especially on his way to the rim.

The Milwaukee Bucks deserve a ton of credit. This team showed fortitude and toughness. Did you know that this was the first time in NBA history that the team to win the Championship had been down 0-2 in all the rounds of the playoffs? That just goes to show you how much this team loves to fight while going out there and competing and speaking of competing did you see the performance that Giannis (The Greek Freak) Antetokounmpo put on having three games during this series where Giannis scored over forty points, then to top it all of the close out game Giannis scored fifty becoming only the seventh player all-time to accomplish this achievement.

The Phoenix Suns are going to have a decision long term about what they’re going to do with Chris Paul and his contract, as of right now Chris Paul is the fifth highest paid guard in the NBA collecting over thirty-nine million from the Oklahoma City Thunder and over thirty-six million from the Houston Rockets. Yes Chris Paul is very talented and certainly will make your team a whole lot better, only thing about that is Chris Paul is thirty-six and do you really wanna be paying someone that type of money at the end of their career.

I believe the Phoenix Suns should trade Chris Paul because it’s better to get something in return for him as opposed to getting nothing at all. Now here’s the tricky part: where can you trade Chris Paul? What do I mean Chris Paul has a no trade clause in his contract so you can’t just trade him to just any team in the league, then Chris Paul is at the point of his career where if Chris Paul isn’t playing for championships is there really a point in him playing for your franchise.

The Los Angeles Lakers should be on the phone right now with the Phoenix Suns, we all know Lebron James and Chris Paul are like brothers and this would be the perfect role for Chris Paul in Jason Kidd type of role, where his main job is to distribute the basketball and get everyone in the right spots to score the basketball. Also if your a Lakers fan this helios your team out because now Lebron James doesn’t have to do everything on the offense end and can focus on getting his shots up furthermore Chris Paul would tremendously improve Anthony Davis because I don;t know what it is but every big man that plays with Chris Paul has a monster season ex. Deandre Jordan, Deandre Ayton and even Clint Capela.

After reading my paper I really hope Chris Paul finds himself on a roster where Chris Paul can win a championship because there isn’t anyone who I would love to see win himself one before they retire more than Chris Paul. Even if he doesn’t win a championship that still doesn’t mean he wasn’t a great player. Too many times we judge a player’s greatness off the amount of the championship that player has which is completely unfair Charles Barkley one of the greatest players of all time doesn’t have a championship ring along with Karl Malone and Elgin Baylor but that still doesn’t mean that they weren’t great, it just means didn’t work out for them and their team with that being said if Chris Paul was to retire today Chris Paul would still be considered a top five point guard of all time, that’s just how talented this dude is, now if he was to get a ring then you could make a case Chris Paul is top three.

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