Can Dawn Staley be a future coach in the NBA?

Dawn Staley is a Dawg. She’s the head coach at the University of South Carolina and has had a long career as a basketball player herself, beginning in 1989. Recently, as of March 10, 2017, she has become the head coach of the Basketball women’s National team through the Tokyo Olympics. Which, by the way, is where she scored a gold medal.

Staley also was the 2018 USA Basketball National Coach of the Year. She’s also the first person in USA Basketball history to have earned both the USA Basketball National Coach of the Year and USA Basketball Athlete of the Year (back in her hay days).

Now, why is all this important? Why am I pointing out all her achievements? Because I think she is more than qualified to become a head coach for an NBA basketball team.

I mean, come on, in Staley’s 21 seasons of coaching, she led her teams to 11 twenty-five win seasons and seventeen postseason appearances. She also has a 503-182 record which includes her winning seasons from the University of South Carolina.

It’s clear she has the power to turn a dirt-trash NBA team into a franchise.

Now, take my words with a grain of salt because we all know that coaching heavily relies on the connection with the players, and let’s just say her connection with the University of South Carolina is beyond strong, but the numbers don’t lie. She clearly has what it takes to become an “it” NBA coach, now we just need the follow through.

Dawn Staley has been reportedly a top candidate for the NBA coaching time for some time now, around three years. The Gamecocks had their losing streak three

years ago and seemed to be hypothetically in the running to receive Staley as a coach.

While we all, and I mean me, would love to see her dominate some NBA teams through her coaching, in 2022 she reportedly said she didn’t have any interest in coaching the NBA and instead wanted to further her career through the WNBA.

Welp, Dawn Staley, let me know if you change your mind.

But for now, it can be assumed that whichever team she’s coaching, has an automatic championship guarantee card.

Credit – Gamecock Central

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