Pittsburgh Panther Carlton Carrington

Pittsburgh Guard Carlton Carrington is one of those players to keep an eye on for the upcoming NBA Draft. Carrington is a projected first-round pick that is showcasing his elite scoring ability within the perimeter. Carrington was a top-100 recruit coming out of St. France’s Academy (Md.). Now, the guard has been named the ACC’s Freshman of the Week twice this season

Standing at 6’ 5 weighing 190 lbs, Carrington’s size and frame allows him to stand out against other top guards within the NCAA. The freshman sensation is already ahead in terms of development, which is surprising considering he’s only 18 years old and will still be that age come the NBA Draft. 

Carrington is the second cousin to Rudy Gay, so it may be safe to say that the elite level basketball skills runs in the family, but in observation Carrington’s body continues to mature, foreseeing his success at this stage is likely to grow. He functions as a dual-threat guard, excelling both in on-ball and off-ball situations along the perimeter.

When in control, he shows a knack for initiating plays, creating opportunities for himself and his teammates. Although he possesses off-ball skills, there is potential for enhancement in that particular facet of his game.

Carrington is currently averaging 13.5 ppg, 5 rebounds, 4 assists, and is currently shooting 40% from field goal range. While his offensive skills are definitely a sight to see, it is in his defensive ability we see his tenacity and depth as a player as well. 

His lateral quickness and size gives him the opportunity to be a threatening two-way player and in unlocking that ability more as we get closer to the end of the season we can envision an increase in his draft stock. 

Carrington has showcased his breakout potential in several games, with one notable performance occurring against HBCU North Carolina A&T early in the season. During that game, he achieved a triple-double, concluding the night with impressive stats of 18 points, 10 assists, and 12 rebounds.

Fox sports currently has Carrington ranked 6th among the top 10 freshman in college basketball this season and in agreement, his efficiency as a player is a bit off sometimes I believe it gets overshadowed with his passing ability making smart plays and hitting open players.

Pittsburgh holds a current season record of 12-7, with room for improvement. Their recent success includes a 2-game winning streak, securing victories against Georgia Tech and triumphing in a rematch against the 7th seed, Duke University.

Credit – Pitt Athletics

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