Rising Star: Emoni Bates from High School Sensation to G-League Dominance

High school basketball sensation Emoni Bates has captured attention since his early career on the court. Drawing comparisons to Kevin Durant due to his remarkable length, size, and basketball IQ, Bates is unquestionably a confident player with exceptional skills.

Bates stands at 6 ’10”, weighing 170 lbs playing with a two-way contract, drafted 49th with the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Cleveland Charge. Even though Bates has played only 10 games with Cavaliers he’s been showcasing his confidence and dominance putting up crazy numbers on the G-league level. 

Throughout the season so far he’s averaging 20 points, 5 rebounds, and 2 assists and has had a few high scoring nights, one being a career high of 38 points in a win against the Santa Cruz Warriors. 

Many fans question why Bates isn’t back at the NBA level since he’s dominating the G-League, but that goes without understanding what he brought towards the team during his time playing at that level. 

When Bates got called up to the NBA his impressive stats dropped massively. In his 69 minutes played, he totaled 18 points, 10 rebounds, 6 assists, 2 blocks, and one steal. Bates has also shot 5-for-20 (25.0%) from three-point territory. While in the G-league his 3-point percentage was averaged at 40 the significant drop showcased still needed room for growth as a player. 

Since his return back to the G-league his growth and development has improved greatly and isn’t going unnoticed. Bates was recently voted in as a player to contend in the G-League Next-Up Game which will be played during NBA All Star Weekend. 

The 6-foot-10 forward ended up earning the 10th-most fan votes, which gave him an automatic spot for the contest. It is unsure whether he’ll be brought back to the Cavs, but we can envision him getting his shot next season if he continues to perform well.

Receiving an All-Star nomination, even within the G-League, holds significance. Over the past few years, Bates has experienced a series of highs and lows.Throughout his career, Bates has wholeheartedly embraced both the triumphs and challenges, demonstrating unwavering commitment to his path to redemption.

Participating in the Up Next Game marks yet another milestone in Emoni’s journey. As he approaches the middle of his rookie season, such moments affirm that Bates is progressing in the right direction.

Credit- IG

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