NBA Dream Just Around the Corner For Maxwell Lewis After Breakout Season At Pepperdine

The six-foot-seven forward is currently ranked 61st in the country as he is racking up around 18.4 points per game. In addition to scoring all those points he is averaging about 48.8% shooting from the field, as well as, averaging 5.9 rebounds and 2.8 assists per game. 

Lewis has demonstrated the ability to execute more complex shots as a Freshman while also being a reliable three point shooter at Pepperdine. His style of playing has him moving the ball downward while loading up, which means that his shooting mechanics are slower than should be at the NBA level. Nevertheless, he has a nice shot which lands at a respectable pace. 

Lewis is a skilled driver who is able to reach the hoop by using his size and playmaking abilities. Although he may not be blazingly fast, he is careful with the ball while in his hands as he moves it to the basket. The Pepperdine Sophomore has a natural ability to scan the court for the perfect chance to score and possesses a good change of speed in the middle. 

In terms of his ability to progress, Lewis frequently takes shots that are more challenging than necessary. He has good positional passing skills, but he can sometimes make mistakes. He is more effective as a situational coordinator than a constant offensive leader on the basketball court. 

On the contrary, he can move the ball up the playing field  and has the potential as a point forward. He also possesses a two-way influence and is an effective rebounder when he has the b-ball. 

Lewis makes use of his length on defense to his advantage as he is able to redirect and block attempts. He has demonstrated that he occasionally lacks the lateral agility to remain in front of some players, although he can be efficient against guards or contemporary forwards.  

Although he frequently makes up for shortcomings with his length and body control, there is no doubt that he can continue to improve his play and do more there. 

With the turnovers he creates, the ability to score points in transition might be huge game changers for Lewis at the next level. 

By no means is this new for Lewis, as  he has been accustomed to being surrounded by competition at this level due to his siblings’ athleticism ranging from football to track. He actually made the choice to skip his final year of high school in order to prepare for the 2021 NBA Draft, however he finally chose to attend college instead. 

Although Lewis has the potential to be more than simply a 3-and-D talent, Lewis will at the very least be able to play in the NBA if he continues to keep making three-pointers and play a variety of defensive positions. 

His future is bright as he could potentially be a great steal for the team that selects him in the 2023 NBA  lottery draft pick 2023.  

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