In the National Championship Win, Jordan Hawkins Racks Up 16 Points

As the 2023 college basketball season draws to a close, UConn celebrates its fourth national national championship title in school history, with one of their key players delivering an outstanding performance throughout the title run..

During the championship game, Jordan Hawkins impressed his fans by scoring16 points, grabbing 4 rebounds, and making one block and steal. Additionally, he hits his third decisive shot (clutch dagger) at a critical moment in the game.

Hawkins achieved 50% of his three-point attempts, and he shot a total of 50% overall for the tournament on 7.0 attempts per game. During the tournaments he exhibited to his team his versatility and ability to create a broad range of looks for himself, primarily when he has distance from the free throw line.

Hawkins’ adeptness at dribbling left the opposing defense bewildered, reminiscent of Steph Curry-style, especially when he relinquished possession of the ball. confusion among the opposing defense.

Jordan Hawkins’ footwork while preparing to pass-catch and preparing for a shot is top-notch, allowing him to pivot smoothly and execute a shot in a single fluid motion.

That being said, it was a busy weekend for the Hawkins family as they got to celebrate another basketball title win.

Just one day after his cousin Angel Reese contributed to the LSU win in the women’s title, UConn’s Jordan Hawkins exceptional performance at this year’s NCAA championships, turned this into a family affair Monday night when he assisted in clutching the victory.

In recognition of their exceptional performances, the two relatives will soon receive memorable rings in honor of their respective, outstanding efforts throughout the entire March Madness tournament.

An intriguing rookie season, which led Hawkins to be projected as a potential first-round pick going into the season, allowed the opening of the door for him to exhibit his NBA-level athletic skills combined with real movement shooting ability off complex actions at the tournaments.

Connecticut has harnessed Jordan Hawkins abilities to their advantage, making him an even more potent weapon against their opponents. Hawkins maintains an average of 16.3 points per game and sinks nearly eight three-pointers per game at a 38.5 percent rate.

Although it may not seem impressive at first glance, what makes Jordan Hawkins’ 16-point

performance noteworthy is his proficiency in sinking three-pointers through his off-ball maneuvers. Hawkins continuously evades his defender to seek out even the slightest gap in the defense, as exemplified in his game against Gonzaga.

With his contribution to UConn’s fourth championship triumph, Jordan Hawkins has secured his place in the UConn’s annals of history.

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