G-League Star Looks To Be Snatched In The First Round 

 Sidy Cissoko, a French guard with outstanding abilities, is one of the more promising young players in this incoming class. Although his scoring potential isn’t quite there yet, his defensive capabilities are outstanding. 

Cissoko is a strong 6’7” combo guard with excellent ball handling skills. 

He possesses a strong 6’9” wingspan, a very sturdy physique, and natural strength. 

He has a lot of defensive potential and ability, and can guard positions 1-3, with the possibility of even the 4. Cissoko is one of those ball players that provides a lot of effort on defense, and this might serve as his calling card in the early stages of his NBA career. 

He is a gifted passer and playmaker with excellent court vision and knack for passing. While he still has to improve on his game knowledge, his ball handling, and decision-making, he seems very in control with the b-ball in his hands and does a decent job of leading an offense. 

The gigantic guard excels at attacking the rim when playing offense. He relies on his strength because his first step isn’t the fastest. Some improvements Cissoko could enhance on is his ball handling skills to make up for his lack in agility. He would be significantly better as a player if he could tighten the handling and produce better looks overall off the bounce. 

In the G League, he moves so well without the ball on the offense’s flow that this should be a successful trademark for him. 

Due to his enormous positional dimensions, he can play any position, from point guard to point forward. Overall, Cissoko is a very intelligent player who enhances the performance of those around him.  

He plays with enthusiasm and effort, performing minor, essential tasks that go unnoticed in the box score. 

Scouts will be keeping a closer watch on him because of his 3-point shot which he is still mastering. The French guard needs to continue being more bold and confident on offense because they are frequently too passive. 

The Ignite prospect is a skilled passer who can exploit his height and see above the horizon of his defenders to find his teammates. 

The combination of Cissoko’s length and strength really aids in defense. He moves effectively laterally and has a very strong lower body. He is able to defend a wide range of situations thanks to his large wingspan. The French guard has improved at avoiding foul calls and is a disciplined defender. If he is snatched during the first round the NBA will have a heck of a guard! 

Mandatory Credit: Lucas Peltier-USA TODAY Sports 

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