G-League Star Leonard Miller Eying The First Round Pick For the NBA

A professional basketball player from Canada named Leonard Miller playing for the NBA G-League Ignite is looking to take one of the spots of the first round picks. The small forward is from Scarborough, Canada and is currently teammates with the potential number two overall pick for the draft, Scoot Henderson. Miller eventually elected to forgo the selection process and spent an entire year in the G-League in preparation for the new round picks, despite having the attention of other teams in the run-ups for the 2022 NBA Draft.

The Canadian forward, who was at the 2022 combine made an impactful impression with his ball playing skills and is working towards improving for the coming season in order to have a better selection in draft than the previous year. Miller has lateral quickness for a man his height. He is confident in his overall play and at ease with the ball in his hands. Scouts have been worried about his jumper skills and decision-making up until this point.

Miller does not really appear to have a terrific jump shot mechanically, which is probably why he is completely ineffective from beyond the arc. The forward has no trouble running the break in transition and getting to the rim while in the halfcourt, but his jump shot will need a lot of work to realize his potential. He’s simply not a real decent shooter from outside the arc at this moment.

Miller might truly reach a new level of potential as he continues to develop as a playmaker and reduce the turnovers and errors. This ability will enable him to realize his potential as a point forward, a position that NBA organizations adore in the present-day game. He is still relatively raw, but the upcoming season will require him to quickly adjust to be a top contender.

Miller’s defense looks to have real possibilities because of his outstanding size and fluid footwork. Keeping his focus on the areas he needs to work on will help develop more discipline, which participating in the G-League system could help him improve over all. He has been competing all year in the G-League alongside and against players of NBA caliber levels.

In reality, Miller will have plenty of chances to establish his talent as a great player because his teammates Scoot Henderson and Sidy Cissoko, two probable first-round picks, will be playing along with him on the Ignite. Miller is expected to be a player with the high risk/high reward profile until he demonstrates more consistency on the court. On the positive side it is undoubtedly present, but will everything be considered?

At times he doesn’t appear prepared for an NBA contest but this 6-foot-10 forward has glimpses of incredible potential and will be a player to be reckoned with .

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