AJ Dybansta – The top recruiting prospect

As we take a look at the future of both college and NBA hoops, someone like AJ
Dybantsa—The #1 ESPN ranked recruit in the 2025 class—immediately comes to mind as a player capable of developing into a real star at the next level. With a long and athletic 6’ 9” 200 pound pro ready frame, and a unique 3-level scoring skillset, Dybantsa looks destined to become a 20+ point per game scorer at the pro level. While other top highschool players such as Cameron Boozer, Caleb Wilson, and Darryn Peterson will surely continue to have something to say when it comes to the debate for best player in their class, no one currently projects to be as surefire of a prospect as Dybantsa.

Originally from Brockton, Massachusetts, Dybantsa played his freshman year at Saint Sebastian’s School. He was named Massachusetts Boys Basketball Gatorade Player of the Year after averaging 19.1 points, 9.6 rebounds, 2.9 assists and 2.5 blocks per game during his first season. Dybantsa then transferred to Prolific Prep in Northern California, and teamed up with Tyran Stokes—the player ranked just behind Dybantsa at #2 in the class of 2026—to continue his highschool career. In October of 2023, Dybantsa reclassified to join the class of 2025, and ever since has been viewed as the #1 overall high school recruit, regardless of class. Being as accomplished and highly touted as Dybantsa has been throughout his entire career, both college and NBA scouts have long had their eye on him. As a result, Dybantsa has already received offers from just about all the top programs across the country, including Alabama, Uconn, and Duke.

With a game mirroring that of Jabari Parker, or prime Michael Beasley, Dybantsa is entirely comfortable creating his own shot both in the paint or out on the perimeter. He has a next-level burst that allows him to get downhill with ease, and enough strength and length to finish over or in some cases through help side defenders. Given his age—just recently 17—Dybantsa is also on the younger end of the spectrum when it comes to players in the class of 2025, so it’s very reasonable to assume he will continue to add new folds and ripples to his game. Dybantsa’s game could—and should—continue to grow and mature, as he evolves throughout his highschool career. If Dybantsa can continue to add a touch more playmaking into his game, as well as a bit more muscle to his frame, there’s no doubt that superstardom awaits him in the pros.

It will be fascinating to continue to follow Dybantsa’s basketball journey, and more specifically to find out where he intends to play his college hoops. Regardless of where Dybantsa decides to take his talents, he will surely be in a position where his skills are on full display. And if everything goes according to plan, two years from now, when the 2026 NBA Draft comes around, Dybantsa’s name will surely be one of the first that is called out by Commissioner Adam Silver.

After Cooper Flagg, who is head and shoulders the top prospect in his class and essentially a lock to go #1 overall in the 2025 NBA Draft, there’s not many other prospects out there that imbue as much excitement as AJ Dybantsa. For any hoop-heads out there who’ve so far been unfamiliar with the name, it’s time to get familiar with the name, and game, of AJ Dybantsa.

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