Deshawn Deyampert Jr a player to watch in the West Coast for years to come 

Deshawn Deyampert JR. is a five star prospect for the class of 2029. He is attending Method Sports Academy in Riverside, California. He is playing for Inland Empire on the UAA Circuit in Southern California. He can be one of the best players coming into his first year of high school. 

Deyampert is a six foot guard who can really handle the ball. He is good on the ball against the defenders and is an elite shooter.  Deyampert averages 23 points,  seven rebounds, and two steals per game. He is shooting 45 percent from the three. 

He can find his teammates in transition and be creative with plays on the offense. Deyampert can get in the passing lanes defensively and get multiple steals as well easy pick pockets. 

Deyampert will plan to play for his uncle Johnny Dukes when he gets to high school. Dukes said “He’s going to be a great player as soon as he figures out how to play the right way. He a hard worker and wants to be great. He scores it at a high clip but I’m working with him on making his teammates better. Getting others involved as well as scoring. He’s a great on ball defender with great instincts, he has to learn to be better off the ball on the weak side of the floor. He will be a division one player when it’s all said and done.” 

It will be interesting to see how Deyampert shines in his first year in high school playing in front of college coaches. Also with his game being on a high level his team will be on the top basketball showcases in the country. We are looking forward to Deshawn’s journey.

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