Standouts from Section Seven in Glendale, Arizona June 23-25, 2023

Last weekend many of the best players from the Class of 2024, 2025, and 2026. Also over hundreds of teams from the country mostly in Arizona, Nevada, and California to play at State Farm Stadium. Here are a few players who stood out in the tournament. 

Cameron Boozer – Columbus (FL): Boozer has proven to be the top prospect in the Class of 2025. He help his Columbus team dominated the Section Seven by winning an average of 27 points. Even the dominated two of the best teams in California of Corona Centennial and Harvard-Westlake. With dozens of Division one coaches watching court side including North Carolina, Kansas, Arizona, Florida and UCLA, Boozer was flat out physical in the paint, on the glass, on defense and making a shot way beyond three point range. 

Cayden Boozer – Columbus (FL): Cayden had an outstanding performance like his brother Cameron with his all around game. A great finisher around the rim and can be intimidating all ends of the court. He has a great size for a point guard at 6-foot-3 with a basketball IQ. Also displays his toughness and quick feet at the point of attack. 

Tounde Yessoufou – St. Joseph’s (CA): Yeasoufou is a monster in the paint and is physical as well. He is versatile on the defensive end and is dominant on the boards. 

CJ Shaw – Mohave (NV): Shaw averaged 27 points per game in Section 7; against Orange Lutheran he scored 47 points, had seven rebounds, seven steals and three assists. He is one of the best scorers and got an offer from UNLV. 

Brandon McCoy – St John Bosco (CA): McCoy lead Bosco to a 4-0 record in the Section 7. He plays with poise and has matured as well. A well skilled guard who plays with energy and leads his team to excel on the court. A top 25 prospect for the class of 2026. 

Kaden House – Desert Mountain (AZ): He scores at all levels and is very versatile on both ends. He has a great court vision and shoot at all areas on the court. In this tournament, he elevated his game to another level. 

Koa Peat – Perry (AZ): Koa was tough to guard on both ends of the court. A great finisher in the paint. He had a great court vision in passing the ball or driving it to the hoop. Making open jump shots as well and able to make great decisions when he is double team. He makes the key pass without turning it over or call timeout. 

Mercy Miller – Notre Dame (CA): Miller continues to put on a scoring performance. Had great scoring performances with a game high of 26 and 28 points. He also show his leadership skills and getting his teammates better. 

Photo Credit – Saturnino Photography

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