The Slammin’ Cameron Boozer Buzz

Right now, it is a debate that Cameron Boozer just may be the best prospect in high school basketball. The son of former two-time NBA All-Star player Carlos Boozer can sure hoop. The American basketball player who currently attends Christopher Columbus High School, was named the 2023 boy’s Gatorade National Player of the Year. He is the top recruit in the class of 2025.

Boozer is just 16 years old and gaining such great recognition. Playing the power forward

position, he weighs 215 pounds and has a height of 6’9”. He plays with toughness and is a skilled front court player who has all the skills needed for a modern power forward. He was able to win a state championship in Florida as a freshman.

Boozer has great hands for basketball. He displays significant touch in everything from his passing to his shooting. He is an elite rebounder and can catch everything. Boozer can score in the low post or facing the rim and is compared to 2022 NBA Draft number 1 pick Paolo Banchero at the same age.

Currently, Boozer is a three-time state champion. While playing for the 2023 USA Men’s U16 National Team, he won a national gold medal at the 2023 FIBA Americas U16 Championship. He is the 2023 FIBA Americas U16 Championship MVP and All-Star Five. He led the team in rebounds averaging 9.8 rebounds per game and played the most minutes averaging 21.2 minutes per game.

Right now, Boozer plays for the NightRydas Elite in the EYBL. He is continuing to show

development in his three-point shooting and ball handling. His ability to change directions on the basketball court is quick and improving. He is mostly relied on being a bully ball straight line driver.

He is easily projected to be playing significant minutes in the NBA. He is a star and has the skill set to continue his path to an elite level NBA player. Duke University seems to be the favorite for Boozer to attend for his collegiate basketball career. Not only does he have his father’s connections to Duke, but he could come in and fill Cooper Flagg’s role depending on how Cooper does.

For the Blue Blood schools like North Carolina, Duke, and Kentucky, they have lost their notorious head coaches. It is harder for Boozer to consider these other schools like players usually do because the schools do not have their notorious championship coaches anymore like Roy Williams, Coach K, and John Calipari.

It would seem shocking if Carlos Boozer’s son went to North Carolina and played for his alma mater’s rival team. Cameron Boozer is more likely to emulate the record of accomplishment of Cooper Flagg at Duke, and his decision for Duke could be determined by how well Flagg plays.

Cameron Boozer has a bright future ahead of him. He has already had an outstanding career so far in high school and has even won on the national stage.

His father is a huge resource for his success, given the fact that Carlos Boozer has All-Star player experience. Wherever Cameron decides to play basketball, we can only hope that he stays healthy and is somewhere he can develop to his absolute best because he is projected to be an

NBA superstar and it will be fun to watch in the highest league.

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