The Golden State Warriors Narrowly Alive Playoffs Hope

The 2023-2024 Golden State Warriors team has been facing some problems that have left them currently sitting 10th in the Western Conference standings. The Draymond Green drama has certainly stained their season, because he has been missing games and getting ejected for his on the court altercations with opponents and referees. Klay Thompsom is still efficient but is not making his shots like he usually does and has lost some quickness, likely to aging and injuries.

Stephen Curry has been, well, Stephen Curry. The team has been playing great towards the end of the season but what hurts them is their earlier season losses, which will place them in the NBA play-in tournament. Draymond Green has had internal struggles. Green is a key factor in the Warriors’ success as he is a major factor in building the dynasty. Earlier in the season Green was suspended indefinitely from the NBA until he completed the proper therapy required to play basketball again. Green simply kept hitting players and argued with them, and he finally paid the price; so, did the Warriors too. Recently when the Warriors played the Orlando Magic on March 27, Green got ejected four minutes into the game for arguing with the referees.

Green has anger issues, and sometimes he becomes very angry when things on the basketball court do not go his way. When he got ejected, Stephen Curry cried during the game. The Warriors still won the game which was crucial to save their chances for the play-in tournament. Stephen Curry said that after the game he was emotional because they needed Green, and he knows that. It is true because Draymond Green is the fuel for the Warriors’ defense, sitting them at a current five game winning streak.

Green believes it will take a tough defensive effort to make a good playoff run. He does not believe that it takes just a good offense to win games, and he believes that teams with decent offenses, but strong defenses will win. The defense led by Green is what may dictate the success beyond the NBA play-in tournament and how far they go in the playoffs. Green says the team will glance at the teams late- season metrics of their last five games of the season, which is the ratings of offense and defense.

Chris Paul was brought in as a veteran player during the offseason. He and Green have had their fair share of battles against each other throughout their career. Paul now respects Green’s competitive spirit and appreciates what he brings to the table. Paul brings great wisdom to the team, and he will be relied on to make a push past the play-in tournament.

Klay Thompson still has his games where he puts up dominant performances, but his performances have been below average for most of the games. His defense has been on the decline as well. Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry are known as the “Splash Brothers,” but it has not felt like a force to be feared like it used to. Conversations have been held for him to come off the bench in the future.

Klay Thompson is facing a tough reality that he cannot be the player he used to be because his prime years are gone. He is still having a great season but the player that contributed to the dynasty that gave LeBron James trouble in NBA Finals Championships has just simply faded. Warriors’ fans know that and still accept Thompson for what he is now because of his loyal contribution to the team. Shaquille O’ Neal said that Thompson is one of those players that can gladly say that father time has defeated him, and that there is nothing to be ashamed of.

Stephen Curry has not been hitting shots as efficiently as he used to, but he is still good and has his outstanding game performances. Curry’s mindset has been to win his fifth championship ring all season, despite what has been happening around him. He is the most mature leader on his team and right now he is really trying to have his team focus on making another NBA title run. Playoff Curry can really turn things up a notch, and his supporting cast will have to back him up to win post season games.

Curry is still in the top ten in scoring leaders, averaging 26.4 points per game. He is not ready tobgive up on this season, and although there were inconsistencies, he still intends to sacrifice himself to win games, even if that means playing more minutes. The Warriors do not want tovlose the season because of their own shortcomings and struggles to figure out their identity as a team. High-level performances need to be made on both ends of the floor.

As the playoffs approach, Andrew Wiggins may be the determining factor in how well the Warriors do in the playoffs. Also, when the team’s bench steps up, they see some light in the tunnel. “Every game matters. Desperation time,” said Wiggins in his post-game interview after the Warriors defeated the Mavericks 100-104. Wiggins had 23 points, 2 assists, and 4 rebounds to get that tough win.

A big problem that the Warriors face is their inability to maintain momentum. They have goneb75 games without a six-game win streak. This is because the team’s defense decides to rest at times. The defense may not be played at their best every game, but they need the mindset to play the best defense they can every game.

It looks tough, but the Golden State Warriors have a chance at winning the NBA play-in tournament right after barely getting into it. If the Warriors can get past their internal struggles and fully focus on playing their best game as a team, they have a great shot in the playoffs. The defensive effort with grit and determination will determine how far they get in the playoffs. However, it may be all about the matchups as well because some teams can exploit a team’s weakness more than other teams can.

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