Jayson Tatum named starter in All-star weekend, but can he be named the 2022-2023 MVP

With the All-star weekend fast approaching, it’s time to take a closer look at the current
frontrunners in the MVP race in the NBA. The All-Star game is one of the biggest events in the
NBA and many of the players who will take part in the game this year are also considered
favorites for the MVP award. The MVP award is the ultimate recognition for an NBA player and
is one of the most coveted awards in professional sports.

One player that is definitely making a strong case for the MVP award is Jayson Tatum.
The Boston Celtics forward will be starting for Team Giannis in the All-Star game, and he has
had an incredible season thus far, putting himself firmly in the MVP conversation.

Tatum has been one of the most dominant players in the league this season, averaging
31.1 points, 8.7 rebounds, and 4.4 assists per game, all career highs. He has also been incredibly
accurate from the floor, shooting a career-best 46.5% and hitting 35% of his three-point shots.
Tatum has been a model of consistency throughout the season, playing in all but one game and
proving to be one of the most reliable and dependable players on the Celtics roster.

Tatum’s production and leadership have been instrumental in the success of the Celtics
this season. With players missing a significant portion of the season, Tatum has stepped up to fill
the void, providing the team with the scoring and leadership it needed to remain competitive.
The Celtics are currently 36-15 and sit comfortably atop the Eastern Conference standings with a
four-game lead over the second-place team. Tatum’s performance in the team’s recent win over
LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers was a testament to his value to the team, as he scored
30 points despite struggling with his shot.

Jayson Tatum is not the only player in the MVP conversation, as he is competing against
some of the biggest names in the NBA, including Nikola Jokic, Joel Embiid, Luka Doncic, and
Giannis Antetokounmpo. All of these players have been performing at an elite level this season
and are considered strong contenders for the MVP award. However, Tatum has something that
separates him from the rest of the candidates: his consistency. Tatum has only missed one game
this season and has been a constant presence on the court, providing the Celtics with stability and

In contrast, many of the other athletes have missed several games due to injury, including
Zion Williamson and Anthony Davis. This has likely hurt their chances of winning the MVP
award and has them not even in the debate, as missing games reduces the sample size of their
performance and makes it more difficult to determine their overall impact on their team. With
Tatum playing in all but one game, he has a larger sample size of games and has been able to
demonstrate his consistency and reliability. This has been evident in his average of 31.1 points
per game, which is fourth in the league, and the fact that he has scored 30 or more points in over
50% of the games he has played.

Tatum’s performance is not just impressive individually, but it also reflects the overall
success of the Celtics this season. The Celtics are not only first in the Eastern Conference, but
they also have a better record than the Western Conference-leading Denver Nuggets, who are led
by Nikola Jokic. The Celtics are also in the top five in several categories, including points per
game (117.8, third in the league), blocks per game (5.4, tied for fourth), three-pointers made
(786, second in the league), and free-throw percentage (83.0, first in the league).
Jayson Tatum, the dynamic forward for the Boston Celtics, has been making waves this
season and is being touted as one of the front-runners for the Most Valuable Player award. But
despite his impressive stats and contributions to his team, there are several categories where
Tatum falls behind his competitors.

One area where Tatum is lagging is his Player Efficiency Rating (PER), which currently
stands at 24.2, the lowest among the top MVP candidates. For comparison, the reigning MVP,
Nikola Jokic, had a PER of 30 last season and a career average of 27, which is 3 points higher
than Tatum’s PER right now.

Another area where Tatum falls short is his shooting. Despite his impressive points per
game, his shooting percentages lag behind the other top MVP contenders. With an effective field
goal percentage of 54%, Tatum has room for improvement compared to players like Jokic and
Joel Embiid, who boast higher 3-point shooting percentages despite being centers.
Tatum’s youth and lack of experience may also be working against him, as he is the
second youngest candidate behind Luka Doncic. Tatum’s absence as a captain in this years
All-Star Weekend also highlights his position in the MVP race.

Despite his setbacks, Tatum is still having the best season of his career and has a shot at
the MVP award, but he will need to step up his game in several areas to stand a chance against
the likes of Joel Embiid, who many consider the current front-runner for the award. The race for
the MVP will come down to the wire and will be determined by the players who can lead their
teams to the highest level. Tatum has the potential to be that player, but only time will tell if he
can rise to the challenge.

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